Personalize your dashboard with Birba's Instrument Panel Kits

Birba Racing kit is comprised of a series of instrument panels, usually with a white background, to cover or replace the original.

Birba Racing graphics are stylish, cool and easy to read. The white background gives that additional touch of class to your dashboard and car interiors. The instrument panels can also have an increased scale tachometer. On request, we will develop new and highly personalized models.

Why Birba?
The contrast between background and graphics on Birba Racing instrument panels makes data reading considerably quicker. The lack of intermediate tacks allows you to read values at a glance. Our instrument panels are made from Lexan-Film, a semi-rigid material which is easy to handle and extremely.durable.
Will I be able to construct my Birba kit myself?
The step by step instructions, which vary according to the type of kit, are easy and simple to follow and include detailed diagrams for the more complicated phases of construction. Should you have difficulty following the instructions, we will be pleased to assist.
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